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Intus corporate credit limit loan

Our Corporate credit limit loan is the perfect tool for any size company who has variable borrowing necessities and wants to make constant purchases over time. We offer your company a line of credit with flexible terms, terms that allow you to manage your finances with ease.

How does it work? Choose the credit limit of your loan, between 600 and 12,000 EUR: this is the maximum amount of credit that Intus will grant you for a particular line of credit. Contact us for further assistance.

The free balance of your credit limit will be transferred to your Intus prepaid Corporate MasterCard® which lets you take care of everyday transactions as well as larger single transaction, both at home and abroad. Our card is a safe payment method for online shopping, airline tickets booking and hotel reservations, without any unexpected fees or bills.

The monthly repayment is a minimum of 20% of the granted credit limit, and by paying this you will be entitled to request that the free balance is transferred to your prepaid Corporate MasterCard®.

Product features

  • Personal line of credit: up to 12,000 EUR per company.
  • Interest rate: 18% (bronze members) or 14.80% (gold members) per annum, counted on the used credit limit amount only.
  • Repayment options: monthly fixed repayments are maximum 20% of the granted credit limit; if the debt is less, the monthly repayment is equal to the total debt amount.


  • Intus prepaid MasterCard® for your daily payments.
  • You can transfer money to your Intus prepaid MasterCard® from your Intus cash account or from your bank account.
  • Available funds and payment installments are calculated according to the balance on your MasterCard®. No unexpected credit card fees or bills.
  • You can keep your credit limit loan under control 24/7 through our online system.

Apply for Intus credit limit loan

To use our corporate credit limit loan you have to join our corporate membership program. Click here to learn more.

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