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Intus has a large selection of various Capital Protected Products in our offering. These products are issued by major international banks with high ratings. The capital protection is 100% at the maturity when the underlying stock indices or individual company stocks have not fallen more than 35-50% from their initial levels. If there would happen a larger fall then the capital is repaid according to the weakest performed stock index or stock.

The annual interest payments (coupon payments) are usually between 5% to 18% depending on the product terms. With some products the coupon is paid even the underlying stock indices or stock prices have fallen which makes them as a real alternative for equity investments. The Capital Protected Products are usually issued in US Dollars (USD) or UK Pound Sterling (GBP) due to the higher interest rate these currencies have.

The investment term is from 6 months to 6 years depending on the performance of the underlying stock indices or stocks. There are no subscription fees.

The strength of Capital Protected Products lie in their flexibility and tailored approach to investing. Capital Protected products offer investors full or partial capital protection coupled with equity-linked performance and a variable degree of leverage. They are commonly used as portfolio enhancement tools to increase returns while limiting the risk of capital loss.

We have a special Currency Hedging Service for Euro investors when they invest in Capital Protected Products in US Dollars. Intus will then cover the currency risk and pay to the investor the possible loss if Euro would weaken towards US Dollar during the investment term. The servicing fee is competitive versus the higher return there currently is when investing in US Dollars. More information about Currency Hedging Service can be found here.


You can invest in Capital Protected Products either through Life Insurance products or through investment trading platforms like Ardan InternationalCapital International and Novia Global. Open investment account with 7% annual return.

We provide investment advisory services to our clients/members how to choose the best performing Capital Protected Products and the right investment trading platform for your needs. To get a personal offer for the advisory services please contact our Customer Service.


Issuer Bank rating: Aa3 (Moody’s) DOWNLOAD FACT SHEET
Maximum Term: 4 years (0.5-4 years)
Underlying Basket: Commerzbank, Societe Generale, Barclays and Bank of New York Melllon
Coupon Interest Rate: 5.50% quarterly in US Dollars (22% on annual level) and 4.50% in UK Pounds (18% on annual level)
Income Trigger: 95% of the initial level, coupon memory
Autocall Trigger (early redemption): When all four stocks are on or above 95% of their initial levels on any quarterly observation date (from 6 months onwards)
Capital Protection: Underlying stocks can fall -50% at the maturity until capital is at risk, if fallen more capital is repaid according to the performance of the weakest stock
Liquidity: Daily at the market price
Subscription fees: None
Minimum investment: 10,000 USD/GBP/EUR
Currency hedging: Available from Intus for Euro investors


Issuer Bank rating:A1 (Moody’s) DOWNLOAD FACT SHEET
Maximum Term: 7 years (1-7 years)
Underlying Basket: Euro Stoxx 50 (Europe)
Coupon Rate: 1.55% quarterly in Euros (6.20% on annual level); if not called by Issuer, then participation to index growth 500%
Autocall Trigger (early redemption): Issuer callable (from 12 months onwards)
Income Trigger: If called by the Issuer then coupon interest is paid, coupon memory
Capital Protection: Underlying stock index can fall -40% at the maturity until capital is at risk, if it has fallen more capital is repaid according to the performance of the stock index
Subscription fees: None
Minimum investment: 10,000 EUR

Capital Protected Products

Indices BasketIssuer rating (Moody's)CurrencyCapital Protection/when lowest indexInvestment Term in yearsAnnual CouponCoupon is payable when lowest indexParticipation rate to index growthCoupon memory: YesCoupon memory: NoAutocall when lowest indexSubscription latest by
Commerzbank, Societe Generale, Barclays, Bank of New YorkA3USD/GBP100%/50%0.5-4USD 22% / GBP 18%95%x95%11/07/2022
Euro Stoxx 50A1EUR100%/60%1-7EUR 6.20% Issuer callablexIssuer callable13/07/2022
S&P 500A1USD100%/60%1-7USD 7.60%Issuer callablexIssuer callable12/07/2022
FTSE 100A1GBP100%/60%1-7GBP 7.80%Issuer callablexIssuer callable12/07/2022
Euro Stoxx 50, Nasdaq 100, Nikkei 225A1EUR100%/65%1-5EUR 6.40%85%x100%14/07/2022
Euro Stoxx 50, Nasdaq 100, S&P/ASX 200A1USD/GBP100%/65%1-5USD 8.20% / GBP 7%85%x100%14/07/2022
AMD, Carnival, Meta Platform, TeslaA3USD100%/50%0.5-4USD 21%50%x80%06/07/2022
Euro Stoxx 50, Nasdaq 100, Nikkei 225A1USD/GBP/EUR100%/65%1-5USD 14.80% / GBP 12% / EUR 11%100%x100%19/07/2022
Euro Stoxx 50A1USDProtected 100%6USD 5.16%90%xNo autocall26/07/2022
Indices Basket means the underlying stock indices or stocks to which performance the coupon payments and capital protection are linked.
Currency means the currencies in which the product is available without a currency risk for the investor.
Capital Protection/when lowest index means how much the lowest performed index or stock price must be minimum at the maturity compared to their start levels there to be 100% capital protection.
Annual Coupon means how much there is paid out total on annual level when the coupon payment terms are fulfilled.
Coupon is payable when lowest index means how much minimum the lowest performed index or stock price must be on the observation dates compared to their start levels that the coupon is paid.
Participation rate means how much there is counted from index or stock price growth for the benefit of the investor, when appropriate.
Coupon Memory means that all previously unpaid coupons will be paid out when the terms for coupon payment are fulfilled.
Autocall means observation date when the underlying indices or stock prices are on such levels that the product will be redeemed early and the capital and all unpaid coupons are paid out.

These products have daily pricing and liquidity at the market price.

Other currencies: Capital protected products are also available as individually tailored ones in Australian Dollars (AUD) and Canadian Dollars (CAD) with a minimum of 300,000 investment; ask our Customer Service for further information.

Full details for the Capital Protection and Product details are available from our Customer Service.
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