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Intus Valentine’s special – only this week 2% bonus

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Open a new 12 month Notice Account (or make a top up) or 36, 60 or 120 month fixed term account and get 2% Valentine’s Special Bonus for your deposit. The annual interest rates are 6.50%-8.50%. You can find more information about our deposit accounts here.

I.E. if you invest in 10,000 EUR you will be given 200 EUR Valentine’s Special Bonus the total opening value for your deposit being then 10,200 EUR.

Campaign terms: Minimum deposit 2,000 EUR; the deposit must be paid by 22nd February 2023. The Bonus will be lost in case of an early withdrawal.

Intus membership: All Intus clients are also members. The new members pay 10 EUR non-refundable Entrance Fee and a refundable investment in Intus share capital, 30 EUR for Bronze membership and 150 EUR for Gold membership. Gold members enjoy for higher deposit interest rates.

Existing members can contact us by email to and tell what account type they would like to open. New clients/members can fill out the application form here.

New 3 years Capital Protected Investment with 100% guaranteed 6.40% (USD) and 5.40% (GBP) Annual Coupon Interest

We are pleased to introduce to you a new Capital Protected Investment Product. The capital protection is provided by an Aa3 rated European Bank. The investment term is 3 years with a daily liquidity

The guaranteed annual coupon interest is 6.40% in USD and 5.40% in GBP and it is paid quarterly despite how the underlying two stock indices (S&P 500, USA and OMX 30, Sweden) have performed. The capital protection is 100% when both stock indices are at the maturity after 3 years minimum 65% of their initial levels. If not then the capital is repaid according to the weakest performed index.

The minimum investment is only 10,000 USD/GBP/EUR. There is no subscription fee. Currency hedging is available for Euro investors. The subscriptions can be made by opening an investment account with Exante in Cyprus. Exante is an online trading platform with access to all major stock markets globally. You can find more info about the Capital Protected Investments at Capital Protected Products – Intus.

We hope you will find the above information interesting and will invest in with us. We are pleased to give you any additional information you might need. For further details please contact
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