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10 days to get your Christmas bonus – Intus Christmas campaign

Have you thought about rewarding yourself or a loved one with a new deposit? Intus’ Christmas Campaign continues for another 10 days – take advantage of the 1% bonus.

Open a new 12 month Notice or 36, 60 or 120 month fixed term account and get 1% Capital Bonus for your deposit. The Bonus is also given for a top up made for an existing 12 month Notice Account. The annual interest rates are 6.50%-8.50% in all major currencies. You can find more information about our deposit accounts here.

I.E. if you invest in 10,000 EUR you will be given 100 EUR Capital Bonus the total opening value for your deposit being then 10,100 EUR.

Campaign terms: Minimum deposit is 2,000 EUR or currency equivalent; the deposit must be paid by 23rd December 2022. The minimum deposit for the monthly interest payment option is 10,000 EUR or currency equivalent. The Bonus will be lost in case of an early withdrawal.

Intus membership: All Intus clients are also members. The new members pay 10 EUR non-refundable Entrance Fee and a refundable investment in Intus share capital, 30 EUR for Bronze membership and 150 EUR for Gold membership. Gold members enjoy for higher deposit interest rates.

Existing members can contact us by email to and tell what account type they would like to open. New clients/members can fill out the application form here.


We are pleased to introduce to you a new Capital Protected Investment in US Dollars, UK Pounds and Euros. The capital protection is provided by bank (A3 rated by Moody’s).

This investment is linked to the performance of four major stock indices as Euro Stoxx 50 (Europe), S&P/TSX60 (Canada), Nikkei 225 (Japan) and S&P/ASX 200 (Australia). There is paid 8.80% annual coupon interest in US Dollars (2.20% quarterly) and accordingly 7.80% in UK Pounds (1.95% quarterly) and 7.30% in Euros (3.65% semi-annually) when all four underlying indices are on the observation dates on or above 80% of their initial levels with USD and GBP products and accordingly on or above 85% with EUR product. The investment will be redeemed early and the capital and the accrued coupon interest paid to the investor when all four stock indices are on or above their initial levels on any observation date from 12th month onwards. The capital protection is 100% at the maturity after six years when all four indices are on or above 60% of their initial levels. If not then the capital is repaid according to the weakest performed stock index.

The minimum investment in this Capital Protected Investment is only 10,000 USD/GBP/EUR. There is no subscription fee and the product has a daily liquidity at the market price if you need to sell it before the maturity.

You can read more about the Capital Protected Investments here.

We hope you will find the above information interesting and take advantage of the Christmas Campaign or decide to invest in the capital protected investments available. For further information please write to us by email to
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