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4 days to take advantage of Intus 7th anniversary campaign – New Capital Protected Product with coupon payments on a falling market too

Dear Intus Member and/or Newsletter Recipient,

Still 4 days to participate. We want to remind you about our ongoing 7th Anniversary Special Interest Rate offer for all new deposit accounts which will be opened by 15th October 2021. All existing and new customers/members will receive an additional annual interest of 0.50% on top of our normal good interest rates. Please see below some examples:

12 month fixed term account – Special annual interest rate 5.50% (Bronze members) and 6.00% (Gold members)

36 month fixed term account – Special annual interest rate 7% (Bronze) and 7.50% (Gold)

5 year fixed term account – Special annual interest rate payable yearly 8.00% (Bronze) and 8.50% (Gold); special annual interest payable monthly 7% (Bronze) and 7.50% (Gold)

You can find the details for all our deposit accounts at Open a Deposit Account with Intus – Up to 8.5% p.a. interest and then just add 0.50% to all the interest rates shown to find out how much the total Special Interest Rate will be on your chosen account.

Existing members can contact us by email to and tell what account type they would like to open. New clients/members can fill out the application form here.

New Capital Protected Product with coupon payments also on a falling market – Annual Coupons USD 6% and GBP 5%

We introduce to you a Product which pays quarterly 1.50% coupons in USD (6% on annual level) and accordingly 1.25% in GBP (5% on annual level) issued by a major German bank. The coupons are paid on the quarterly observation dates when all the four underlying stock indices are on or above 80% of their initial levels. This means these stock indices can fall even -20% until the coupon payment is postponed to the next semi-annual observation date. The coupons have a memory feature meaning that any passed coupon will be paid out when the stock indices are again on or above 80% of their start levels.  These four stock indices are Hong Kong: Hang Seng, US: S&P 500, UK: FTSE 100 and Italy: FTSE MIB.

The investment term is from 1 to 6 years depending on the performance of these four stock indices. The product will be redeemed (autocalled) early when all four stock indices are on or above of their initial levels on any quarterly observation date from 12 months onwards. The capital protection is 100% when all four stocks are on or above 60% of their start levels at the maturity after six years.

There is no subscription fee and the product has a daily liquidity at the market price. The minimum investment is 10,000 USD/GBP/EUR. Currency hedging agreement available for Euro Investors.

You can find more information about the Capital Protected Products at Capital Protected Products – Intus

If you would like to receive more information or invest in this or any other Capital Protected Product issued by major European banks please contact us by email to and we will send you further information.

Best regards,

Intus Customer Service
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