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New 100% Capital Protected Investment Product with EUR/USD currency hedging

Referring to our previous Newsletter a month ago we are pleased to introduce to you a new 100% Capital Protected Investment Product with currency hedging for Euro investors. This means you can enjoy higher growth potential without a risk for loosing your capital. The capital risk is fully covered by A1 rated European Bank and Intus will accordingly cover the currency risk for an Euro investor.

The performance of this product is linked to Euro70 index. This index follows the performance of 70 major European companies which have the lowest market volatility. The participation rate to the index growth is 60% and the performance is capped to 24% for the six years term. This means your total return for six years investment will be something between 0 – 24%. To receive the maximum 24% return the underlying index should increase 40% (average 6.67% growth in a year) during the six years term. This level of return is within the common expectations how much equity investment should increase over a 5 years term.

We have a special offer for Euro investors who would like to have currency hedging for the possible situation Euro would weaken towards US Dollar during the six years term. The currency hedging fee is only 1% for the whole six years term and in the unlikely situation there would not be received any return for the 100% capital protected investment product we will credit this fee to you. By this way you can be sure not to make any loss with your investment.

The minimum investment to this 100% Capital Protected Product is only 10,000 EUR or USD. You can read more about our Currency Hedging Service here.

Our affiliate Group company Intus Brokers has currently for subscription several other Capital Protected Products with annual coupons between 5% and 21% both in USD and GBP. You can read more about Capital Protected Products here.

If you prefer to have a fixed annual return you can make a deposit with us. Please find below a summary of our deposit accounts with the rates payable to Gold members:

Account type Gold Member Interest rate (p.a.) Interest payment frequency
Savings Account 4.50% Annual
12-month Fixed Term Account 5.50% Annual
36-month Fixed Term Account 7.00% Annual, at maturity
5-year Fixed Term Account 8.00% Monthly, annual, at maturity
10-year Fixed Term Account 8.50% Monthly, annual, at maturity
1, 3, 6 and 12-month Notice Account 3.50%-7.50% Annual
You can read more about Intus deposit accounts. Existing clients/members should contact us by email to when you would like to open a new account. New clients should fill out the online application form here.

We hope you will find the above information interesting and will invest with us. We are pleased to give you any additional information you might need.
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