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Intus Summer Campaign

Summer is here. Open a 36 month fixed term account and get 1% Summer Bonus for your deposit account. You can choose between fixed annual interest payment (6.50%/7.00% per annum for Bronze/Gold Members) or total return at the maturity (20.80%/22.50% for Bronze/Gold Members) options.
I.E. if you invest in 10,000 EUR you will be given 100 EUR Summer Bonus the total start value for your deposit being then 10,100 EUR.
Same interest rates for EUR USD GBP CAD AUD CHF NOK SEK DKK You can find more information about our fixed term deposit accounts here.

Campaign terms: Minimum deposit 1,000 EUR or currency equivalent; the deposit must be paid by 19th June 2020. The Bonus will be lost in case of early withdrawal.
Intus membership: All Intus clients are also members. The new members pay 10 EUR non-refundable Entrance Fee and a refundable investment in Intus share capital, 30 EUR for Bronze membership and 150 EUR for Gold membership. Gold members enjoy for higher deposit interest rates.
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