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New membership benefit and winter bonus

Dear Client/Member,
We are pleased to inform you about new services available to Intus members. Our affiliate company Intus Financial Services Oy Ltd, also called Intus Brokers, is specialized in international Life Insurance and Investment Products and Financial Advisory services. You will receive 25% off from their service fees by being an Intus Member. Please note that their service fees are competitive even without this benefit.

Intus Brokers’ Product of the Month

Capital Protected 1 – 6 year Note with 18% annual coupon, subscriptions through Life Insurances. Contact Intus Brokers. Contact Intus Brokers.

Intus February Deposit Offer – 1% Winter Bonus

Intus Members will receive 1% Winter Bonus in February 2020 for a new 36 or 60 month account. This means when you deposit i.e. 10,000 EUR or currency equivalent you will be given 100 EUR Bonus and your total deposit will be 10,100 EUR. Please open your new deposit by 28th February 2020 to qualify with the Winter Bonus. Bonus will be lost in case of early withdrawal.
As an existing Member you can simply contact us by email to or by filling out our contact form and advise us how much you would like to deposit and to which account term and we will then send to you the transfer instructions.
As a new Member please fill out the application form and we will then send to you the further instructions how to proceed with your deposit. For further information please feel free to contact our Customer Service, +372 66 76 179 or e-mail
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