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Private banking

Intus Private Banking offers you access to Global Fund Market with over 4,000 mutual funds to choose within. You can either choose the funds by yourself or use our Financial Advisory Services to find the best performing funds. In addition to mutual funds you can also invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and capital protected structured products. You can follow your Portfolio performance 24/7 by logging-in to your Personal Portfolio Account.

Capital Protected Products

The strength of a Capital Protected product lies in its flexibility and tailored approach to investing. In their simplest form, Capital Protected products offer investors full or partial capital protection coupled with equity-linked performance and a variable degree of leverage. They are commonly used as portfolio enhancement tools to increase returns while limiting the risk of capital loss.

Equity derivates can be extensively customized to meet a specific investor’s risk/return profile and investment objectives. These objectives may include capital protection, diversification, yield enhancement, leverage, regular income, tax/regulation optimization, and access to non-traditional asset classes, among others.

The most common Capital Protected product comprises two components:

  • A fixed income security, the zero-coupon bond, which guarantees that part or all of the invested principal will be reimbursed.
  • An option-like instrument, which provides a payoff in addition to the fixed income payments. This additional payoff is linked to the performance of an underlying asset, taking the form of either regular coupons or a one-off gain at maturity.

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Managed Investment Portfolio

Work with our Financial Advisors to select a diversified portfolio of mutual funds, ETFs and capital protected products that’s based on your needs. Get the benefits of professional advisory service with competitive terms.

Intus Fund Platform

Intus has chosen Novia Global as our Fund Platform partner. Intus members can open a Personal Portfolio Account to manage their investments.

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